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Below you'll find information about room rates, a list of frequently asked questions and a general timeline for our new student housing offering. Of course, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at: (607)  778-5307 or email at: housing@sunybroome.edu.

Room Rates

  • $2054/semester ($4108/academic year) – tuition
    please note: this is based on the current tuition level for New York State residents, the new tuition level will not be set until Spring semester. For more information on tuition and fees please visit: www.sunybroome.edu/tuition.
  • $3594/semester – double in suite ($7188/academic year)
  • $3991/semester – single in suite ($7982/academic year)
  • $1273/semester ($2546/academic year) – 10 meal plan (2 meals/day Monday-Friday)
  • $1765/semester ($3530/academic year) – 15 meal plan (3 meals/day Monday-Friday)
  • note: all resident students are required to minimally purchase the 10 meal plan

In addition to the charges that appear on their bill students should also plan to pay for books ($700-$1000 per semester), additional money for food on weekends, transportation, supplies and miscellaneous personal expenses.

** New York State residents must provide a valid Certificate of Residence to be eligible for NYS resident tuition. Certificates are issued to you by your home county and are generally valid for a period of one year unless otherwise noted by your County Treasurer. You may apply for your certificate no sooner than 60 days before the beginning of classes, but no later than 30 days after the start of classes. If we do not receive your certificate of residence you will be responsible to pay the non–resident portion of your tuition. County-specific instructions and applications are available on our website. For assistance regarding eligibility and renewal policies contact your County Treasurer’s office.

Suite Layout

suite layout

  • Single Room - 9ft x 11ft (99 sq ft)
  • Double Room- 10ft x 16ft (160 sq ft)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of living on campus?
The on-campus housing provides easy access to classes and other college facilities, such as the library, ice rink, student center, and dining center. The complex offers apartment style living with a private, locked bedroom for each person, a full kitchen and bath in each suite, and an active community. Resident Assistants (RAs) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) offer a variety of activities throughout the semester for students.
What is the cost?
The costs vary for single, super single, and doubles. Detail are provided in the room rate section.
When does the housing process begin?
We are accepting the $300 housing security deposit by contacting the Student Accounts office. Visit the Reserve Your Room page to see all steps to reserve housing. You will be notified of your housing assignment in early June. Once an assignment is offered your deposit is no longer refundable.
How many students live in the residence halls?
Currently 366 full time students are living in the residence hall this Fall.
When can I move in?
Move in day for Fall 2015 is Saturday, August 29th 2015.
Are Freshman required to live on campus
No, but living on campus offers new students the opportunity to live close to the academic buildings and many options for social and educational activities outside of the classroom
Are Freshman guaranteed housing?
No, however most students interested in housing are able to obtain on campus housing. Completing your housing license and other requirements by March for the fall semester will help to ensure your ability to live on campus.
Is a deposit required?
An annual 300 dollar deposit is required to reserve a space in the hall. The deposit is refundable only if housing is not offered to the student
Where can I do laundry?
There are laundry facilities provided on every floor of the building.
Are the residence halls or suites co-ed?
The residence hall and individual floors are co-ed. Individual suites, however, are all single gender.
Where do I eat?
Students living in the residence hall are required to purchase at a minimum, the 10 meals per week meal plan. Larger meal plans are also available. In addition, each suite has a full kitchen, including refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven and microwave.
Who has access to hall?
The residence hall is secured 24 hours a day. If you live in campus housing, you will be issued a key fob to admit you into your hall and suite. You are allowed to enter your building 24 hours each day except during school closing times – which would require you to enroll in the break housing program at an additional cost.
How is safety ensured in the residence halls?
Each suite and bedroom is key fob (electronic key) – entry. The hall is locked 24 hours each day. Campus security work with the residence life staff to provide a safe and secure environment. Additionally, security cameras are in each building. Campus security patrol the hall regularly. Resident Assistants (RAs) and a Resident Director (RD) are also on duty each night. RA schedules can be found on the RA Office.
Are Pets Allowed?
There are no pets of any kind allowed in the hall.
Is smoking allowed in the hall?
SUNY Broome is a smoke free campus which includes in and around the grounds of the residence halls except for the two designated gazebos located on the outskirts of the campus.
What if I don't get a space?
If you have applied to live in the residence hall, and you are not initially assigned a space, you can request to remain on the waiting list. If you choose not to remain on the waiting list, you must notify the Director of Housing in writing and your housing/security deposit will be refunded.
What if I decide that I do not want to live on-campus after I have signed the Housing Agreement?
If you are not offered a room you may request your $300 deposit in writing at anytime. Once you are offered a room you will forfeit the application fee if you cancel prior to a date set by the college. Once a student has moved into the residence hall there is a binding agreement to remain in the residence hall for the academic year unless a student is released.