Where to Go if You Need Technical Assistance


As a student at SUNY Broome Community College, there are many resources available when you find yourself in need of technical assistance. Where you go for that help depends on the nature of the issue you are having.  Below we have outlined the most commonly sought out resources and examples of situations where you would utilize each.

The SUNY Broome HelpDesk

The SUNY Broome HelpDesk is a resource that students have to get assistance with technology on campus.  The SUNY Broome HelpDesk is staffed by student workers on campus and their hours of operation are posted on their website: www.sunybroome.edu/helpdesk. The SUNY Broome HelpDesk can help you log on to campus computers, access your campus email, navigate and use MyCollege and work with campus software, such as Microsoft Office. They can be reached through the following methods:


 Drop-In: Library, Room 102D

Telephone: 607-778-5CHD (5243)

Note: Technical questions pertaining to the Blackboard Learning Management System should be directed to the Open SUNY Helpdesk (see below).

The Open SUNY HelpDesk

The Open SUNY HelpDesk should be your first point of contact when experiencing technical issues with an online, blended or web-supplemented course that uses the Blackboard Learning Management System. The Open SUNY HelpDesk is a fabulous resource that students can utilize when having a technical issue in their online course or with using the campus' Learning Management System.  The helpdesk is staffed with experts in the workings of online courses and can assist with:

  • Navigating online, blended or web-supplemented courses
  • Solving technical issues that might arise
  • Ensuring your computer system is set up optimally for the online environment
  • Performing basic online tasks such as submitting assignments and participating in discussions.

You can contact the Open SUNY HelpDesk during their extensive available hours, including evenings and weekend days. Hours are posted on their website.

Main Website for the Open SUNY HelpDesk: http://open.suny.edu/support/contact-us/current-students/

Submit a HelpDesk Ticket: Open SUNY Support Services

Phone Number: 1-800-875-6269 (Toll-free within the United States) / 1-518-320-1889 (Direct)

Also be sure to review the Open SUNY Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions and articles pertaining to Blackboard, Technical Support and Known Issues.


The Online@SUNYBroome website is another great resource for both current and prospective students at SUNY Broome. The site contains general information regarding online courses and programs at SUNY Broome,  tips on how to be a successful online learner, and how-to resources that give instruction for performing common tasks in the online environment. The site can be found at www.sunybroome.edu/online.

Your Instructor

Questions specific to course content should be directed to the instructor of the course. If you need to find contact information for your instructor, a listing of SUNY Broome Faculty and Staff can be found at www.sunybroome.edu/web/www/faculty-and-staff-a-z. If you are having difficulty contacting your instructor, you should contact the Department Chair.  A listing of Department offices, chairs, and contact information can be found at: www.sunybroome.edu/web/www/offices-facilities-and-services.



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